150cc Mini Willy Jeep: 2WD Semi-automatic Golf Cart with a Twin Seat for Kids and Adults

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Steering wheel Side  mirrors Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes Electric key start 3 Forwards & 1 Reverse gears Headlight/indicators/horn Front bump Spare wheel Jerry can Dashboard with Taco 

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150cc Mini Willy Jeep Replica 2WD Semi Auto Golf Cart Twin Seat Kids Adults

This new mini willy jeep comes with a decent 150cc semi auto Zongshen engine, it is a heap of fun and quiet fast. We upgrade the body with front and rear suspensions.It can carry 2 kids/teens or a kid and an adult(the total weight under 140kgs).


  • New body frame with front and rear suspensions
  • Leather seats with seat belts
  • Steering wheel
  • Side  mirrors
  • Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes
  • Electric key start
  • 3 Forwards & 1 Reverse gears
  • Headlight/indicators/horn
  • Front bump
  • Spare wheel
  • Jerry can
  • Dashboard with Taco 
  • Windscreen
  • Tow-bar

Color: Army Green


Engine: Single cylinder, air cooled, 4 strokes

Engine brand: Zongshen

Fuel : Unlead

Displacement: 150cc

Ignition: CDI

Max power: 6.8kw/7500r/min

Max torque: 8.9n.m/6500r/min

Wheel size: Front/rear 8 inch 

Wheel base: 1240mm

Starting : Key start

Compression rate: 9.5:1

Dimensions: 2000x900x740mm

Carton Dimensions:2000x1200x580mm

Gross weight: 160kgs

Net weight: 140kgs

Color: Army green

Max speed: 70km/h subject loading

Front/rear brake: Hydraulic disc brakes(2 front calipers and 1 rear caliper)

Fuel tank: 4L

Battery: 12V5AH

Ground clearance: 100mm

Capacity Loading: 120 kgs

Spark plug: A7TC

Plug gap: 0.50-0.1mm

Lubricate oil: SAE 10W-30

Fuse: 10A

Tyre pressure: 100kpa

Questions please email: info@mjmotor.com.au

Questions please call : 03-9706 6761

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Willy Jeep: 150cc Mini Willy Jeep Replica for Kids and Adults
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