200CC 6.5HP Go Kart Buggy QUAD 4 Stroke Upgraded Adult/Kids Sizes BLUE

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196/200cc 6.5HP Advanced Go Kart


6" Wheels. Upgraded Knobby Tyres Hydraulic Rear Disc Brakes By Foot Steel Tank Go kart Style Seat Leather Seat Cover 4 Stroke Engine (unleaded fuel no mixing oil) Foot Disc Brake and Throttle Control Extended Body Frame  3 point harness. Max Loading 120kgs Adjustable Foot Pedals Fit Adults/Teens

Color Choices:  Red, black, blue

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Engine: 196cc (200cc) 4 stroke Air Cooled

Compression Rate:  8.5:1

Start: Recoil pull start

Ignition Mode: CDI

Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6L

Fuel: Unleaded Petrol

Engine Oil Capacity .6L

Transmission: Auto

Max Power 6.5HP

Drive System: Chain

Throttle Control: Foot Throttle

Front Brakes: NA

Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brake

Suspension Rear: Dual spring suspension

Final drive: Chain 420

Maximum Speed: <60km/hr (depending terrain surface & rider Weight)

Wheel Size: 13*5.00-6 (Front), 13*5.00-6 (Rear)

Ground Clearance Approx 125mm

Rider Capacity 1 person (recommend ages 8yrs - Adult)

Maximum Load: 120kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) BOX : 1230 x 970 x 520 (mm)

Go Kart: 1800 x 940 x 780 (mm)

N. W: 75kgs

G. W: 85kgs

We have upgraded airfilter and muffler to fit this go kart. Please visit this listings


Shipping cost: 

For all areas, please email us with the name of the suburb and postcode, we will quote a rate and get back to you asap. Thanks

Pre-check  before riding this buggy

Please take 10-15 mins to check the following items before you ride on bikes.Failure to perform those check may result in serious damage or a severe accident. 

1. BIKE Engine oil: Engine oil level correct, No leakage(4 strokes) Spark plug: Tighten to correct torque Carby: Adjust to right idle speed Idle speed: 1400+/- 100R/Min(RPM) Air cleaner: Properly installed Apply oil to air cleaner element Brakes function property Brake lever play is 4-5 MM. If necessary please adjust it. Brake pedal travel is 15-25MM,  If necessary please adjust it. Check brake lining wear. Throttle: Functions properly, returns smoothly. Steering: Action is smooth but not loose from lock to lock. No Binding of control cables. Fuel tank: Mounted securely, no fuel leakage.  Nuts/bolts/fasteners: Tighten any loosed bolts/nuts. 2. RUN-IN The first one hour that the motorcycle is ridden in designed as the run-in period. If the motorcycle is not used carefully during this period, you may very well end up with a "broken down" instead of a "broken in"motorcycle. Please don't start moving or race the engine immediately after starting it. Even if the engine is already warmed, run the engine for 15-20 mins at idle speed to give the oil a chance to work up into all the engine parts. Avoid the quick acceleration or starting and drive prudently for the first three hours of operation. Let the motorcycle cool completely.  The motorcycle ready for regular operation after this procedure is carried out. 3.ENGINE OIL CHANGE Highly recommend change the engine oil after you use up your first tank of fuel, and change the oil, regularly according to the owner's manual book. Payment

We accept money order, cheque, bank deposit and PayPal. Payment must be made within 3 days after winning the auction. A cancellation fee will apply when the winning bidder fails to make payment within 3 days after the auction ended. We will use a professional debt collection agency to collect any outstanding amount. By bidding an item on eBay, you are entering a legal contract to purchase the item you bided on.

Account titles: Foxico Go Karting Pty., Ltd. (MJ MOTOR)

BSB: 032686 A/C: 241146

Please include your eBay ID or eBay item number with your deposit. This allows us to identify your deposit much quicker and more easily. Some transfers may take up to 3 days to show up on our account. Contact Us

Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday 10 am to 2 pm

Warehouse/Showroom address: 64 Abbotts Rd, Dandenong South 3175

Phone: 03 9706 6761. Fax 03 9706 6429

Email: Kinroadau@gmail.com

Shippping For certain areas, please email us with the name of the suburb and postcode, we will quote a rate and get back to you asap (within 1 working day). Local pickup is free. Please book a time then we can get item ready for you. Most big items(bikes) will be sent to your nearest depot. Please email us if you need it delivered to your home address there may be an extra cost caused. WARRANTY

Please note that we will only send goods to your registered Paypal/eBay address/local depot. Please ensure that your Paypal address and contact phone numbers are up to date before purchasing, as after the goods have been despatched, we do not accept responsibility for goods being sent to your old address.For certain areas, please email us with the name of the suburb and postcode, we will quote a rate and get back to you asap (within 1 working day). Local pickup is free. Please book a time then we can get item ready for you.Most big items(bikes) will be sent to your nearest depot. Please email us if you need it delivered to your home address there may be an extra cost caused.
DISCLAIMER By bidding on this item, the user/purchaser is waiving the seller any responsibility for any damage or injury incurred as a result of riding the pocket bike or otherwise. We are under no circumstances liable for any injuries or harm caused a result of using the bike, improperly or otherwise. Parent supervision is mandatory when the rider is a child. Helmets are to be worn by the rider at all times when riding these vehicles. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that the bike has been configured safe and thoroughly check before riding. In addition, we are not liable in any circumstances if the auction description is incorrect.Although care is taken, any errors or omissions in the product details are unintentional and not subject to liability. Please be aware of this before you bid.

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